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As promised in my last post, I stated that I would be talking about some wedding photos. I am also going to touch on what I do as someone who is passionate about his work and my desire to help others.

2012 can be summed up as a great year for M.Sargent Photography. We have been busy and I would not have it any other way. Sometime ago, I decided that to provide the best choice for those seeking a wedding photographer, I would need to offer something different  and fairly innovative to compete with the “Walmart Photographers” that seem to crawling out of the woodwork on a daily basis.  Any of you who know me, understand that photography is my life, and I consider something as important as your wedding an epic event and do not enter the role as your photographer with a cavalier type attitude. The reason I am opening with this statement is inspired by one simple event that took place recently, and no matter how you sum it up, my goal as a photographer is to create the best photographs I possibly can based on the conditions of the shooting environment. Being forced to compete with people who walk into a store and purchase a DSLR, and then advertise themselves as a professional, with no prior training nor understanding on how to shoot a photo other than using the full auto settings on a camera, is a reality that we all face. Once again my take on this is simple, stand on your body of work. The cream always rise to the top. And MSP is busy. Kind of sums this up doesn’t it.

With my rant out-of-the-way let’s get to the photos. This first wedding is of Jeff and Amanda. What can I say other than WOW. These two were incredible subjects to photograph and they made my job easy.

Jeff&Amanda Color Wash with focus on blue eyes

I washed the color out of this photo with the intent to put the focus on the eyes. I left the color there for obvious reasons, but the real intent was to give the viewer a starting point, and allow your eyes to study the rest of the photo. This is a classic style wedding shot, and combining the aged photo/color wash look and leaving a  splash of blue color, I feel gives this an artistic feel.

Amanda Portrait with soft edges

This next shot is softened to create a portrait look. The bride was shining on her wedding day and my goal was to show that. Using a white vignette to soften the edges draws focus to the bride and the glow she had on her day.

Jeff&Amanda Bordered Kiss

And once again using a vignette, my goal was to put focus on the happy couple, as they shared a kiss to celebrate their day.

This next series of photos is of Candi and Randy.

It is a clear-cut example of shooting the light, and we all know that sometimes lighting can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Harsh light can make for a very difficult day of shooting and as my companions found out, light meters can provide you with false readings, so it is best on days like this to review as you shoot, and make corrections manually and often to insure properly exposed photos.

Candi&Randy Creekside

This shot was taken at the brides request, and I am so glad she did . Although the light was hard, I dialed in the camera with a deep depth of field, to capture not only the couple but the scenic background that was present. In addition, the big advantage when shooting this, was that the sun was to my back. Ensuring that my shadow would not be present, i decided to use a wide-angle lens to capture as much as I could. I also used a polarizing filter to cut out some of the harsh light and this providing me with rich color as well as reducing the highlights that were present.

I also decided to convert a copy of this shot to black and white. I felt that the contrast would make for an interesting photo, with a classic look and I think this photo is the definition of that classic style.

Candi & Randy Creative B&W

One drawback and it may be a personal thought of these photos is the sunspot present on the grooms glasses. When I shoot the photos I failed to notice its presence and although most say it’s not an issue, I generally don’t like these little imperfections within my photographs.

I also like to shoot at least one photo that displays the mood of the event, and as the bride has her garter removed, you can see on her face that she is enjoying herself.

Search for the Garter

And finally, A shot taken with the intent of creating that dream state.

Candi & Bridemaids B&W

It is of the brides maids with the bride as they prepared to partake in the sacrament known as marriage and my description of this is based on personal feelings as Candi is my cousin. She contacted me some time ago regarding her wedding, and it was my honor and a privilege to be able to photograph her wedding. Not to mention the fact that she could have chosen anyone to shoot her day. The fact that she choose me was a decision that meant a great deal to me, and it is the inspiration behind what I do when given the honor to capture one of the most important events in one life.


MSP has been busy, and standing on the body of work, has allowed us this opportunity to get out there and provide a quality product. From a business standpoint my goal is always the same. Give people what they want at an affordable price and be upfront with how we do it.

Mr. Jim, Myself, and our newest photographer Becky look forward to snapping that shutter at your event so you can feel that bang and be wowed by what we offer as photographers.

to see more of what we have captured please visit our website.



My best to you,


M.Sargent Photography



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