So, no pic this week, What the HECK(your word inserted here)

OK, so here is the deal, I had hoped this week I would be able to wow the audience with some long exposure star tilt shots, and if lucky some shots of the Milky Way. Long and slow exposure photography is something I truly enjoy and by the reaction I get when I post a photo like that, it would seem that people enjoy them. As luck would have it Mama Nature felt the need to be uncooperative and she did her best to keep my view of the stars blocked off with a ton of cloud cover and even some rain. So my quest for star tilts and Milky way shots are going to have to wait until the almighty power of nature see’s fit to allow me to do so. Do I seem sarcastic? Maybe, but with limited time and my need to sleep after a long week of dealing with the trucking industrys finest, and the need to keep family and my chores in check, It is a little frustrating when Mother Nature is uncooperative.

So with all that being said, here is what we have done to further promote the future of M.Sargent Photography. The web site is rocking. The efforts of my closest friends have finally given me a website to be proud of. Our Shoot2Thrill puzzle is coming together nicely and much faster than I had anticipated. We are ready for footage. Also my photography practice has grown steadily and with a slew of weddings to photograph this year, my name as well as brand is growing. Mr. Jim and I also went on a quest, and we were able to get some great deals on frames for our photography sales, which will be happening very soon. Also our bud Jake hooked us up with even more frames, that he picked up at a few garage sales. Some thoughts regarding the sales of shots. I often see photos in stores and galleries, and think to myself holy hell that is a crappy picture, and then I see the price tag and think, man my work is better than that, If this shot is selling for that price, than I wonder what mine would go for. Then I realize, Michael your biased opinion needs to be in check, as beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. So decipher that statement as you see fit. Contradictions, LOL.

So in summary the Photographer did in fact do something related to his practice but he didn’t snap a photo. This is something I will have to remedy. With a wedding to shoot next week I will be hard pressed to just get it done, but you can bet I will go into grind mode and make it happen.



Michael Sargents’ first image with a digital camera

Until nest week I leave you with this, my first photo from the digital transition, It was taken in Tift Nature Preserve, located near Buffalo, New York. Although the shot is not perfect, I was impressed at how digital photography changed the game. Just glad I was able to make the transition.

My best to you and yours,

Michael Sargent

M.Sargent Photography


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