Here is the skinny. M.Sargent Photography has been busy. The team has been photographing weddings, and I have said this on countless occasions. 2012 has been an incredible year for me and my brand.

With so much going on it can be a little overwhelming at times, and the best advice I can offer when the workload is heavy and deadlines need to met, is to grind it out and take a little time to do what you do best.  In my case, I grab the camera and take a little stroll.

Recently, I did just that and as always the stroll clears the clutter within the dome, and gets you refocused on the pressing tasks at hand.

These shots were captured while on this stroll and hell yeah they are simple and very basic. Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered. This first shot,


was taken with my Canon 7d and Tamron 18 to 270 mm lens. Using an ISO of 400 I used an f-stop of 6.3  and a shutter speed of 1/200 of a sec to bring the subject  into focus while slightly blurring the background. Simple yet vibrant.

Budding Wildflower

This next shot I changed it up some. I used an f-stop of 10 to create a deeper depth of field. The shutter was 1/80th of a sec and my intention on this was to display the buds  as the focal point, but to allow the viewer a change to see the vibrant green leaves that surround the flower. Yet again simple, basic photography. Taking the stroll and keeping it simple was just what was needed to refocus and blast out our more pressing projects.

Because of this simple little stroll, I was able to produce some of my most beautiful wedding photos to date, and by doing so, the feedback from these shots are inspirational. With a reignited passion for what I do, I have found that the key to success is to sometimes just keep it simple.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to any comments. Some wedding photos are coming soon.

My Best,


M.Sargent Photography

Under the Milky Way Tonight / Light Domes

Recently I have been on a quest to photograph the Milky Way and reconnect with my favorite aspect of photography, Night Shots.

In between weddings, and as time allows, I have spent a great deal of time in search of a great location to achieve my goal of shooting some images of the night sky. To date I have not found the perfect location to achieve my goal. The photos I am sharing with you today are in no way a representation of what I expect as a finished product, but instead I will share with you the difficulties I have experienced and what I plan to do to ultimately capture the photos I am looking for.

Faint glimpse of Milky Way

This Image was a test shot while attempting to fail the camera in. You can just see on the left side of the photo the outline of the milky way. The location I choose to shoot from, clearly was not far enough away from the light domes that were being produced by the nearby towns.

This next shot was unique as yes you can see the Milky way but a shooting star was present and was not discovered until I opened it in Lightroom.

Shooting star

At the bottom of the shot you can see the light dome that was causing me so much difficulty.

This shot I zoomed in a little, just to give the photo a little more detail, and to expose the outline of the Milky way a bit more.


This shot reveals the culprit of my failure. Light domes. Also known as light pollution. These domes are a by-product of street lights and or lighting from buildings and they can be a photographers nightmare when you are attempting to photograph the night sky.

In addition, on this particular evening, we had a flurry of lighting bugs that although beautiful, distracted from the photographs we were attempting to capture. In addition to all the above we also had the occasional car that would come along and light up our lower frame of the photograph.

All the shots were captured with a the Tamron 10 to 24 mm wide-angle lens, and with a varied ISO between 800 and 12800, I used the bulb mode on a few shots and exposed the some of them up to 2 minutes. Most of the images were taken between 20 and 30 seconds of exposure.

For this shoot, I also employed a tripod, and had used the camera is manual mode, with no auto focus.

Sounds fairly easy, but besides the light domes and the rest of the issues we experienced that night, the one thing I fail dot mention was the insects. I was the main course at dinner that evening, and although very difficult to endure the biting, I was able to snap a few shots.

So in evaluation, my next attempt will be planned slightly different. To be able to get the shots I desire, a completely dark location will have to be chosen to avoid the light domes that seen to be present in and around my suburb. I also will have to avoid shooting just off the road. Car headlights really travel a great distance, and clearly the best way to avoid that problem is to get off the beaten path.

And finally, Insect repellant. The welts I have not only itch like the dickens, but they were endured in a failed attempt, and that makes the sting even worse.

Here are the rest of the images I captured that night, and although, they are not anything to brag about, they  show how failure can lead to eventual success. But you will have to wait till the next post on the Milky way to see this clearly. (LAUGHING)

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Until Next post,

My very Best


M.Sargent Photography


Hello all,

just a quick update, this is the wedding season and we at M.Sargent Photography are busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Sorry I cant give you a better post than this, but the hours we spend working on weddings and edits wont afford me the time to give you all a proper post. But you can bet, when things slow down just a little I will be stepping the game up and bringing you the best of what is on my mind and on my memory cards.

To see what we have been up to please visit, and click on the wedding link. Our best work to date and with the partnership of mr Jim and myself I see only greatness coming from our mutual dedication to bringing the best of what we as photographers do.

Thank you all, and a huge shout-out to Nicole for the Nomination.



Michael Sargent

M. Sargent Photography.

So, no pic this week, What the HECK(your word inserted here)

OK, so here is the deal, I had hoped this week I would be able to wow the audience with some long exposure star tilt shots, and if lucky some shots of the Milky Way. Long and slow exposure photography is something I truly enjoy and by the reaction I get when I post a photo like that, it would seem that people enjoy them. As luck would have it Mama Nature felt the need to be uncooperative and she did her best to keep my view of the stars blocked off with a ton of cloud cover and even some rain. So my quest for star tilts and Milky way shots are going to have to wait until the almighty power of nature see’s fit to allow me to do so. Do I seem sarcastic? Maybe, but with limited time and my need to sleep after a long week of dealing with the trucking industrys finest, and the need to keep family and my chores in check, It is a little frustrating when Mother Nature is uncooperative.

So with all that being said, here is what we have done to further promote the future of M.Sargent Photography. The web site is rocking. The efforts of my closest friends have finally given me a website to be proud of. Our Shoot2Thrill puzzle is coming together nicely and much faster than I had anticipated. We are ready for footage. Also my photography practice has grown steadily and with a slew of weddings to photograph this year, my name as well as brand is growing. Mr. Jim and I also went on a quest, and we were able to get some great deals on frames for our photography sales, which will be happening very soon. Also our bud Jake hooked us up with even more frames, that he picked up at a few garage sales. Some thoughts regarding the sales of shots. I often see photos in stores and galleries, and think to myself holy hell that is a crappy picture, and then I see the price tag and think, man my work is better than that, If this shot is selling for that price, than I wonder what mine would go for. Then I realize, Michael your biased opinion needs to be in check, as beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. So decipher that statement as you see fit. Contradictions, LOL.

So in summary the Photographer did in fact do something related to his practice but he didn’t snap a photo. This is something I will have to remedy. With a wedding to shoot next week I will be hard pressed to just get it done, but you can bet I will go into grind mode and make it happen.



Michael Sargents’ first image with a digital camera

Until nest week I leave you with this, my first photo from the digital transition, It was taken in Tift Nature Preserve, located near Buffalo, New York. Although the shot is not perfect, I was impressed at how digital photography changed the game. Just glad I was able to make the transition.

My best to you and yours,

Michael Sargent

M.Sargent Photography


We all have a place that we hold dear to our heart, and some of my fondest memories as a child, was the time I spent in West Virginia. This last week found me returning, to pay my last respects to my Grandfather, who passed away on Memorial day. My Grandfather Lee Sargent, lived to be 101 years of age and as I remember him, I can say without any hesitation, how loved this man truly was. The patriarch of our family will live on in our memories, and I am dedicating this post to my Pawpaw. Grandpa Lee, rest in peace.

A trickle


I Shot this photo with an iso of 100 and an f stop of 18. The exposure time was 1/5 of a second and it was shot from a tripod using the Canon 7d and Tamron Lens combination.

This next shot was also exposed at 1/5 of a second but choose to use an f stop of 22 as I wanted a deep depth of field, and because of the lighting and the effect of moving water that I wanted to capture in the shot it was necessary to shoot such a small aperture.

Mountain Falls

Until next week.