More Skyline

Over the last 2 weeks I have been able to spend a little time on Lake Erie and always looking for my next shot, I took this opportunity to take a few shots again of the sunrise over Buffalo, NY . Here at M.Sargent Photography we are working on several projects as we build this brand. Soon my photos will be up for sale as we enter the world of E-commerce. I have to thank my oldest friends Jim and Barb for all of their hard work as they help me prepare for what I hope will be a very long and prosperous career working as a practicing photographer. Without the efforts of these close friends, we would still be at ground zero. Recently they produced a video that put a huge smile on my face, and they claim it was inspired by comments regarding the Wal-Mart Photographer. You can view it here, and I suggest you watch it and find the humor within it. Anyone who has worked as a photographer will know just what our message is, and those who don’t get it well let me just say, think outside the box and maybe it will come to you.

Back to the shots, Sunrise and skylines are a favorite of mine because of how you can control the exposure to obtain a certain feel and or mood. I wanted to silhouette the skyline of Buffalo in hopes to produce a “As the City Awakens” type of shot.


This next shot was shot with the same principle

Close up

but I decided to just zoom in a little for more detail. I am considering entering these shots in a local contest being put on by the Buffalo News. Your thoughts on these shots are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for reading the post, and I hope you enjoy the shots as well as the video.




M.Sargent Photography.


One thought on “More Skyline

  1. The top one has more detail, and the colours are more attractive. If you’re only permitted one entry, that one should be it.

    From one artist to another, I wish you the greatest success in all of your endeavours.

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