Twenty Minutes for Sixty Seconds

Starting this post I can only say Whew!!!

As of late, and in reality most of 2012 has been busy. Between work, and my photography there has been very little rest, and with the warmer weather creeping in I don’t see things slowing down. HELL YEAH! I’m up for a challenge.

Last night I was afforded a rare moment of inactivity while at work and it came at the perfect time. The moon had just peaked out from the clouds and I was chomping at the chance to shoot a couple of slow exposure shots. Although I knew that the brightness of the moon would burn out in my photo, I wanted to capture the scene rather than just a shot of the moon.

Moon/ Tree Slow exposure

This shot was a 30 second exposure, shot with a Canon 7d and Tamron lens combination. The iso was set at 400 and I used a focal length of 50 mm with an aperture of f-8. Shot off a tripod in full manual mode, I employed light room for a few minor adjustments.

The second photo was also a 30 sec exposure, but used an aperture of 5.6  and shot the photo at 100 mm.

Night shot 2

As you can tell, the moon at 30 seconds will burn out on the image, and although I could have shot at a higher shutter speed and employed a flash on a second shutter to light up the tree, I decided that I wanted the photo to have a silhouetted look to it.

Always keep that shutter banging.

My Best,



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