More Skyline

Over the last 2 weeks I have been able to spend a little time on Lake Erie and always looking for my next shot, I took this opportunity to take a few shots again of the sunrise over Buffalo, NY . Here at M.Sargent Photography we are working on several projects as we build this brand. Soon my photos will be up for sale as we enter the world of E-commerce. I have to thank my oldest friends Jim and Barb for all of their hard work as they help me prepare for what I hope will be a very long and prosperous career working as a practicing photographer. Without the efforts of these close friends, we would still be at ground zero. Recently they produced a video that put a huge smile on my face, and they claim it was inspired by comments regarding the Wal-Mart Photographer. You can view it here, and I suggest you watch it and find the humor within it. Anyone who has worked as a photographer will know just what our message is, and those who don’t get it well let me just say, think outside the box and maybe it will come to you.

Back to the shots, Sunrise and skylines are a favorite of mine because of how you can control the exposure to obtain a certain feel and or mood. I wanted to silhouette the skyline of Buffalo in hopes to produce a “As the City Awakens” type of shot.


This next shot was shot with the same principle

Close up

but I decided to just zoom in a little for more detail. I am considering entering these shots in a local contest being put on by the Buffalo News. Your thoughts on these shots are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for reading the post, and I hope you enjoy the shots as well as the video.




M.Sargent Photography.


The oportunity arose last week to spend some time on Lake Erie, fishing for the elusive ( at least for us) walleye with friends.

Always looking for a great shot I had my camera in tow and captured some images of the Buffalo, New York shore line and some sunsets. Hope you enjoy.


observation point

Going down

Twenty Minutes for Sixty Seconds

Starting this post I can only say Whew!!!

As of late, and in reality most of 2012 has been busy. Between work, and my photography there has been very little rest, and with the warmer weather creeping in I don’t see things slowing down. HELL YEAH! I’m up for a challenge.

Last night I was afforded a rare moment of inactivity while at work and it came at the perfect time. The moon had just peaked out from the clouds and I was chomping at the chance to shoot a couple of slow exposure shots. Although I knew that the brightness of the moon would burn out in my photo, I wanted to capture the scene rather than just a shot of the moon.

Moon/ Tree Slow exposure

This shot was a 30 second exposure, shot with a Canon 7d and Tamron lens combination. The iso was set at 400 and I used a focal length of 50 mm with an aperture of f-8. Shot off a tripod in full manual mode, I employed light room for a few minor adjustments.

The second photo was also a 30 sec exposure, but used an aperture of 5.6  and shot the photo at 100 mm.

Night shot 2

As you can tell, the moon at 30 seconds will burn out on the image, and although I could have shot at a higher shutter speed and employed a flash on a second shutter to light up the tree, I decided that I wanted the photo to have a silhouetted look to it.

Always keep that shutter banging.

My Best,


The Supermoon That Wasn’t So Super

Last night the hopes were high that we would be able to capture some incredible images of the yearly super moon. Although last years moon was incredible, this years moon was in fact a different definition of a super moon. Last night we experienced a very bright moon and planed the shoot based on a few websites that specificity said the moon would rise in our area at 10pm. My take on this was inspired by last years event were we watched the moon break the horizon with a huge brilliant display of a red colored moon. When we left the small town of Middleport, New York, we could not see the moon in the sky. All seemed well and it had appeared that things were going to plan. As soon as we broke the surroundings of the village, right there in front of our eyes was the moon. Adapting, we then decided that based on information from the web, we would stay out until 11:30 as the moon was supposed to be at perigee at that time. It was bright, but in my opinion it was no super moon. Having snapped a few shots of the moon, I decided that posting them would be general at best. ( BEEN THERE DONE THAT). So I went all creative and made the best out of what I considered a fail. Not epic mind you, but we took the information available and planned accordingly.

Well, best laid plans of mice and men. Hope you enjoy the shots.

Bridge long exposure

Bridge/moon 30 sec exposure

2 min exposure

Lift bridge Middleport, Ny on the Erie Canal

All shots were taken with an iso of 200 with exposure times between 25 sec and 2 min respectively. The aperture range used was between f 6.3 and f 10.

As stated we had a plan, and our plan didn’t quite work out. But it goes to show you, that there is always something to photograph. With my friends and family present, we still enjoyed each others company, and between all of us, we nailed some great shots. Thanks to Jim, Barb, and my daughter Cassandra for accompanying me on this adventure.



M. Sargent Photography