If you have been following this blog, you will recall that last weeks post was on the osprey nest,

that is being built near my home here in Western New York. This last week, as I watched their progress, I was taken back one morning, when I noted that the nest had been taken down. Sitting on top of the pole was the osprey, and my perception of the expression on this raptors face was what the hell. They had worked so hard to build this nest, and for obvious reasons, mankind took it down. I personally was a little annoyed by this, having spent so much time observing their activities, but I understood that the power wires being present, may present a hazard to the pair, as well as cause problems for the utility company.

Continuing to keep an eye on these two, I am pleased to inform you that in todays travel, I noticed National Grid trucks conned off and the fine gentlemen present were making accommodations for our new residents.

A big deal

I approached the gentlemen, and asked them if I could take a few photos, and asked them what the plan was. They informed me that they were placing a new pole in, and the new pole was ten feet higher than the original. In addition they were mounting a special platform on top of the pole to serve as a base for the osprey to rebuild their nest. I asked them if they thought this would work and they felt confident that the raptors would not abandon the site. They also told me that upon arrival this morning the male was sitting atop of the pole and they had already starting to rebuild.

 Over the course of the day these guys worked like mad men to complete the job , and let me say I was impressed at how quickly they completed this job.  Late this afternoon my curiosity had taken hold, and  as I returned to the site to see if the plan had worked, I was delighted at what I discovered. Sitting atop of the platform with the start of a new nest was an Osprey.

We like it

As I watched, the Osprey would fly off, only to return a few seconds later with marsh grass, and or a stick in which it carefully placed as it continued to rebuild the nest.

padding for the new nest

Over the summer I will continue to monitor the Osprey’s and keep you updated as to their activities.

My last shot for today will be this of this Osprey in flight . Thanks for reading.

Osprey in flight

Keep snapping.

My Best,



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