In my travels, I often find myself noticing things that most people overlook. Case in point was the spotting of some sticks on a utility pole. The first thought through my head, was how in the hell did that get up there? Then it occurred to me, that I have seen this before. What I was seeing was the start of a nest. Unsure of what bird was building the nest, I noted the sight and returned a few days later to see how the construction was progressing. To my surprise, sitting perched on top of this utility pole were two magnificent birds of prey. Upon some investigation I learned that these were Osprey’s, and this was the first time I had seen them in this area. Over the coming weeks, I will return to the site to see how they are progression. The shots were snapped with a Canon 7d and a Sigma lens combination. Shot with an iso of 400 @ F8 and used a shutter speed of 1/500.

Mated Osprey


Osprey approaching nest




6 thoughts on “Ospreys

  1. You are very lucky, they’ll be back year after year. We’ve had one mating pair for ten years now. Three more nests have appeared in the immediate area in the last five years.

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