Pileated Pride Update

A quick update to my experiment with Pileated Pride’s Home style Suet. I found the suet to be very well received by several species of birds that Image the feeders on a daily basis. In fact they devoured the suet within 2 days of me putting it out. The quick consumption made the task of video taping and photographing difficult, so the footage I did capture was not what I had intended. In the future I may post the footage we have, depending on the quality after rendering. 

In summary the suet is by far the best product we have used. Downy’s , Hairy’s, as well as red bellied’s were spotted hitting the suet and then quickly flying off, only to return a few seconds later  for another bite.

Disappointingly however the 2 pileated woodpeckers that have been nesting in the woods in the back yard did not have the opportunity to score themselves some of this treat. Based on the results of my test, I plan on ordering more of the product and placing it in various locations so the pileateds have the change to enjoy, and this will allow me some great photo chances. You can check out home style suets products here. Tell them Mike sent you. 


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