Views on Wedding Photography/ Photography through the Eyes of the Hunter

Wedding photography. The term itself is a very descriptive phrase and most would think that it is pretty simple and basic. I am going to take the term and expand on what I like to call the two types of wedding photography.  As most would  think, wedding photos are generally posed shots that include friends and family and members of the wedding party. This is the traditional perspective that most have when they hear the term “Wedding Photos”. This type of photography is great and visually pleasing to the eyes of the viewer, and I partake in this type of photography. In addition I also like to implement a little of my own perspective when I am shooting a wedding. What I mean by this, and after some lengthy considerations, I define what I do as almost a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. I shoot everything, what may be insignificant to you may mean the world to a newly wedded couple. Informing every client I work with, that my preferred method of approach while shooting is to not have them realized that they are being photographed has allowed me to  capture some incredible shots, that turn out to be the favored shots by clients, over the shots they posed for. We could speak volumes about this, but to keep to the point, I also want to touch on the fact, that this is not just taking a candid wedding shot. What is produced by my  method is a photograph that captures the pure emotion and feelings of people. This tells a story in itself, and creates a memory that is frozen in time to be relived by simply viewing the photo. To even further expand on the topic, when a photo captures a look, or an expression of body language that conveys to the viewer how much a bride adores her husband or vice versa, to me that is the most epic type of photo to capture. One thing to remember, it’s not about your creativeness or your style that is the priority here, it is in fact about the bride and groom. By interacting with them and their guests, I become an unnoticed fixture that is present in the room and this allows me to capture those intimate, memory filled shots that are not only popular with my clients, but the people they choose to share the shots with.

Posed portrait

I define my approach as “Photography Through the Eyes of a Hunter”.

In summary, I refer to the popular suggestions by most, that as a photographer you must have a speciality. I am going to step outside of this ideology and state for the record that my involvement as a wildlife photographer has given me the skills and approach I currently use when I am shooting a wedding. Wildlife photography often times requires stealth and by implementing the “Stealth Factor” into my approach to wedding photography, this has proven to be a vital element in what I do.  Most experts in the field would say why would you hire a  photographer to shoot your wedding when in fact that photographer is considered a wildlife photographer? Great question, but here is the outside of the box thinking. There are some that would disagree, but we as human beings are in fact animals, or at least that what science says, and being as advanced as we are; we partake in traditions and customs that have been handed down generation after generation. Much in the same manner as our wildlife friends do, even though science says it is by instinct when we are talking about species that are not as advanced as human beings. I say Human beings are the most provocative animals on this planet, and our traditions whether instinctual or practiced provide the most interesting and emotion filled photos that we could ever hope to photograph. In summary when you are seeking a wedding photographer you are in fact seeking a wildlife photographer .


Anyway, I hope that this post will open a door into the think tank and help you to understand why I feel that specializing is not always such a great thing. My approach to photography may be unique , but I can tell you that it seems to work for me, as the positive feedback and comments continue to come in from those that allow me into their lives and give me the honor of photographing some of the most important events in their lives.


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2 thoughts on “Views on Wedding Photography/ Photography through the Eyes of the Hunter

  1. I totally agree. Whenever possible, I infuse a photojpurnalism style into the wedding photography that I do. I advise this in consultations and publish it in my policy. (near bottom of page)

    A wedding unfolding is a story, and it makes sense to tell it. That’s what we’re meant to do as wedding photographers. It really makes a difference.

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