Dusk Shoreline

A very cool aspect of photography is night photos or more commonly known as low light photography. This happens to be one of my favorite types of photography, and with some new inspiration, I decided that is was time to revisit night photography.

The photos were snapped on Olcott Beach, right here in Western New York. In this shot I took 3 separate photos all at the same exposure times and focal lengths and then stitched them together to achieve that panoramic effect.  My oldest friends Jim and his Wife Barb were with me as Jim learns these techniques, and let me add he is quickly becoming a photographer, as he impresses me more and more with how quickly he learns things.

We proceeded to snap several photos as the sun faded behind the horizon as we enjoyed the view of the Toronto shoreline from Olcott beach.

Here are a few more photos, hope you enjoy. Until next time, I wish you all a Happy Easter, and get out there and keep those shutters clicking.

Stars at Sunset

Sunset with Pier

Pier @Sunset