Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that makes life enjoyable. Working and dealing with everyday events can just wear you out and when this happens, you have a choice.

My choice is get up and go do what you enjoy. Today with a wedding to shoot, I have prepared myself in advance for an epic long day, and my mindset is one of excitement as I get ready to leave home and simply bring my A game. Wedding shoots are always a great day for me as I reflect on past events and strive to capture images that will bring smiles and tears to the people I am photographing. Simply put: It’s why I do them.

As I prepare for the day, I also look at the other side of my photography, WILDLIFE! When not doing weddings or events I find myself strolling through trails, woods or swamplands taking shots of a completely different subjects. Today I am going to share with you a photo that reminds me of how simple it is to become focused on the tasks at hand.

I often take a little time each week to revisit the roots of my photography because it reminds me of just who I am and where I came from. When you see this photo, you can say it’s a shot of a goose. Agreed, but the story behind the image and why it was shot is what’s important, to at least myself.


Nothing special but the photo is simple and that’s the point. Revisiting your roots and keeping it simple, puts things into perspective and allows you to refocus and be at your best. Those of you reading, and are involved with photography as a living will understand exactly where I am coming from.

The shot: Canon 7d and Sigma 100 to 500mm combination

Shot with an iso of 400 and an F-stop of 10@1/800 of a sec

Hope you enjoy the shot as I do, and I look forward to your comments.


Until next week, Get out there and keep that Shutter BANGING




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