The Long Awaited 7d

Goose 2

My purchase of a Canon 7d has been long-awaited and now that I am actively shooting with it, my first impressions of this highly advanced piece of equipment is simply, WOW!

With so many advanced features and custom settings to further enhance the quality of your photographs, at first it can seem a little overwhelming. Once you understand the options this camera offers and how to apply them, this quickly becomes second nature when you are out shooting photos.

What impressed me most was the overall image quality. Rich natural colors, tack sharp subjects, and a focusing system that is incredibly fast. Photographing moving wildlife subjects has just become a whole lot easier because of these features.

Robin 2

Two key factors regarding my decision when purchasing this camera, was its ability to quickly adjust the exposure compensation feature, and its ability to take photos in lower lighting situations. Often times I found myself discarding photos because when photographing wildlife, the most important factor when doing so is to ensure that you can see the subjects eyes. The photos I am posting today are a clear example of how the 7d’s focusing system in cooperation with its lighting optimizer can assist you in achieving that goal.

robin 4

One last feature I have found useful is, when switching from auto focus to manual the 7d will beep and light up when the subject is in focus. This makes it so much easier when your camera can’t focus on a subject that may be behind something that your lens sees as the closer object.

Coming soon an update on the Pileated Pride Suet test, with some photos and possibly some video footage.


Until then, I hope you enjoy the shots, and please leave me your feedback.

My best


M.Sargent Photography




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