Shooting vs.Being Shot

As I have stated in the past, 2012 has been a great year for me in regards to photography. Although the winter months haven’t produced anything great as far as photographs are concerned, the shots I have taken in the past have caught the eye’s of several people in the industry, and they have asked for stories regarding the shots. Feeling that these stories are great opportunities for exposure to my brand, I have gladly obliged, and started to bang on the keyboard, offering stories behind the photos, from the perspective of a small town guy who happens to have  a deep-rooted passion for photography.

One aspect of this entire venture I did not see coming was the request for an updated profile picture to go along with the submissions. As the one who is normally behind the lens, I found myself in a unique and somewhat uncomfortable position of having to have my photograph taken. Having some reservations, I found myself in front of the lens as we proceeded to photograph a simple profile picture. Mind you, these photos were not taken in a studio, nor were they taken professionally. What we learned from this, some people are better at shooting than being shot. I posted on Facebook that photographers take the worst photos, and as I expected, a few comments were left, stating that this is a weird statement. Unable to disagree, I made light of the fact that when I am the one being photographed, no matter how skilled you are, you are going to be challenged to produce a good photo. As a good friend had also stated, “VERY SCAREY PICTURE’S MR. SARGENT” !!!! This comes from the guy who took the photos, and he himself walked away from this, knowing that some people are better behind the lens, than in front of it.

We did however decide that a few of the photos would be worthy of submission, and being unable to give you the settings of the photo’s themselves. These photos were submitted as potential profile photos.

So I am asking you, what photo do you think would be better suited to represent myself?

Michael Sargent

Michael Sargent

Michael Sargent

As I can easily make fun of myself, I sit here typing, with the thought running through my head, some things unlike a fine wine don’t improve with age. Thanks John for trying!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my profile photos.






5 thoughts on “Shooting vs.Being Shot

  1. I like photo number three. I know what you’re talking about & generally set the time on my camera & self portrait so I don’t end up fighting with loved ones over all the “terrible” shots. Haha! All three are great!

  2. Was’nt going to but had to comment I have been friends with Mr Mike for many years and when he asked me to take his picture to use as a profile picture it was kinda like WTF did I get myself into. I take pictures I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. And being asked to take the masters picture is scarey enough. I knew when I said yes it was going to be trouble, Mike is a perfectionist, anyways after a few “this lighting sucks” no you can’t do that” you need to be closer” ” not that close” there are shadows” I finaly told him to let me take the pics and for f*&K sakes will you smile. And thats what we did, myself I think we got a few good shots prob not good enough for Mr sarg but all I can say is he takes a lousy photograph but he takes the most incredable photographs. Thanks for reading this John Wragg Owner and CEO of torquil studio and hopefuly stil close friend of Mr Sarg.

  3. Number 2 has the best colour and light, while number 3 shows your most natural state of being which I prefer. Otherwise, all three images are pretty blah.

    I TOTALLY sympathize! I don’t photograph well, few dare to direct me in portraiture and I have yet to do a self portrait because I’m so inept!

    All of my best shots of me are well behind me . . . when I was a baby.

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