2011 My Year in Review/ HAPPY NEW YEAR

A joyous and prosperous Happy New Year to you.

2011 has been a year of ups and downs and despite the downs, all things considered 2011 shaped up to be a pretty good year. Photography has once again played a major role in my life, and it never seems to disappoint. This year I shot more weddings than in years past and by the look of things 2012 is going to be even busier. As most of you reading know, I have always been geared to be more of a wildlife scenic type photographer, but it would seem that because of what I do and my philosophy of photography practices, there happens to be a few people out there that like the way I do business. All of this adds up to good things for everybody evolved and it is my earnest pleasure to provide people with exceptional quality at an affordable price. Now I almost sound like a car salesman, selling myself, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t do a lot of advertising when you consider the market and how competitive it is. Every wedding I have ever shot has been by referral or by direct contact , through social media sites, and the occasional friend who inquires about me shooting their wedding. The old saying in play, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, I prefer to allow the horse to go to water and drink by his/her own free will. Now please don’t consider my use of the old saying as the comparison to people as horses, but the effective philosophy plays a major role in selling yourself as someone who is considered to photograph an event as important as a wedding.

Moving on lets talk about 2011 and some major events that took place in my practice. We have touched on the wedding photography, which has been incredible, but one of my proudest moments for this year was the fact that I had won some recognition from a orginization I belong to, known as the New York State Outdoor Writers Association. This prestigious group of professionals sponsors a photography contest for its members known as the Janice M. Kessler Memorial Photography contest. This contest is part of the excellence in crafts competition, and to my delight I placed in several of the categories for photography. Considering the competition I once again must state how honored I was.

2011 Found me doing something with photography that I had never done before. I was contacted by a family member and asked if I would be willing to donate some photos for an auction type charity event, that supported cancer research. Well they didn’t have to sell me on the idea, when I heard about their cause I was all in.  Several personal benefits came from my decision to donate to this event and one was the reconnection with  long time friends, who assisted me on putting together a donation to be proud of. The results of our efforts produced some very positive results. The charity had raised some substantial funds when selling tickets for the two photos we donated. Once again I felt a great swell of pride and happiness for being able to give something back.

Next on my proud moments, my involvement with the Silent Night Project. For one year and as time allowed, I provided some creative input as well as the photographs to be used in that short video which sent a very powerful message. Now although the video did not go viral as we hoped, it did in fact reach to date, 679 people and from my perspective that is a pretty cool thing to do. In short at first I was not to excited about the project until I heard the voice of a very talented singer. Kerri Piepenburg. Her rendition of silent night was a sign that I was meant to be involved with this. Just in case you have not seen it and would like to check it out, here is the link  Silent Night Nothing’s Right .  What impressed me most with the results of this video was the comments. So many understood the message and the comments regarding my shots were humbling.

With so much success seen in 2011, I have made the decision that it’s time to give back. I leave you now with some photos from 2011 and my wishes for a safe and prosperous 2012.


Night shot of Peace bridge

Buffalo Skyline

Grand Island Bridge


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