Silent Night Nothing’s Right Part 2

Well here we are again, being ten days away from the release of Silent Night Nothing’s Right, I am finding that between my real job and my projects , the time is flying by. I am excited, and slightly overwhelmed as we approach the release date. We still have a lot to do, Including this post which is the start of my task list. First up, I want to share with you a second shot of the Grand Island Bridge. This photo was taken the same evening, but I used a different time setting to capture it. Instead of a full 30 second exposure, I  cut the time down to 15 seconds and this was the results. Although the sky has some grain, the subject of the photo was crisp and sharp.

Grand Island Bridge at 15 sec exposure

Next on the agenda is the “PROJECT”

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a very special thanks to a very talented young lady. She is an undiscovered talent, and was sent to us by a power that we just can’t understand, but it was clear to us that after we met her and saw just how much talent she possesses, we were destined to do this. Kerri-Ann Everett-Piepenburg contributed to the project by singing the song Silent Night . Her spine tingling vocals were so controlled, I was impressed, when right out of the gate she nailed the song in studio the first time. It showed us her passion and experience as a vocalist, and for the life of me I can’t understand why no one has picked up on her talents until now. Kerri, we at Torquil are going to do everything in our power to show the world how talented you are.

I also have to give a huge mention to my followers on Facebook and Twitter. You are going to make this happen, and I want the world to know that this would not have possible without you.

So in closing, with many  tasks on the  list, I bid you an excited farewell.

Stepping the game up!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Silent Night Nothing’s Right Part 2

  1. Michael, thank you so much for such a wonderful build up! I can only hope to measure up to your expectations and join in the successes of an amazing producer and photographer. I cannot begin to express my excitement and gratitude to you both for having such confidence in me. Your post brings tears to my eyes. Thank You!!!

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