Silent Night Nothing’s Right

Ok Ladies and Gentleman, A tremendous greeting to you all. I would Like to welcome you to my latest post, I am Michael Sargent and you are reading my blog.

Without any delays, let me dive right into this post. For the past year I have been involved in a thought-provoking project known as Silent Night Nothing’s Right . The point of this very short film is simple. This time of year means many different things to many different people, and what our film does is make you well aware of just how we as a culture have not changed much over the last several years. Now without going to deep into the film, allow me to point out my role in the making of this. I was asked by Torquil Studios CEO John Wragg if I would be willing to provide him with some stunning photos that he could use for this project. After hearing what he had planned I gave him my full participation and was even able to create some content for the film based on my own creative thoughts. John and I traveled around the Western New York area photographing some of beautiful man-made objects to show the viewer, that despite the state of the country, and our world for that matter, we have beauty all around us, we only need to take the time to see it.

Ok so let me explain to you the inspiration behind this. John was out christmas shopping last year with his wife. They were in fact at a local mall, and within the mall it was the usual scene. People were out in the masses spending their hard-earned money on gifts for their loved ones. Many were smiling and enjoying the christmas music that is a main stay in many malls across America.

John however couldn’t help but faintly hear the sound of the local newscast and as his attention focused on the news, his mood became saddened by what he was hearing on the telecast. Despite the holiday season he realized at that moment, despite all of our advancements, things are still the same in this world. Thus the birth of the Silent Night Project. Simply put, this short film will again mean many different things to many different people, but one thing is certain, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We suspect ,that what you see and hear in this video is not just centralized to our little part of the world, it is in fact what goes on all across the country if not the world.

Very shortly I will be posting a video explaining in more detail about why we decided to produce this, as well as explain to you the whole Torquil Studios, M. Sargent Photography connection and the reason for what we are doing. The film is scheduled to be released on 12-12-11 and it will be posted on You-Tube, and yes I will be posting the link all across the web using my social media platforms. What I ask of those who follow me is to take a look at the video and share it . I have learned that the people who follow me on twitter are truly and incredible group. The support they have shown me is a clear indicator that the power of social media is highly relevant and great things are to be had by using these platforms. Once released my hopes are that the video will go viral. I will be hashtagging #silentnightnothingsright , and hope that you all will follow suit. So without any further running of the mouth let me thank my Facebook fans as well as my twitter peeps. We can show the world the Power of Social Media.

Now on to one of the photos you will see. This shot is of the Grand Island bridge. One aspect of my photography is the ability to capture long exposure shots with very low lighting. This aspect of photography has always been one of my favorites for the simple reason that our eyes can only capture so much. By shooting a slow exposure you get to see things in a whole new light. This is one aspect of photography that I have excelled at and some of my most commented about shots are ones that have been taken in low light situations. So on to the setup. We scoped out the area to determine the best location for the photo and although a side shot may have been suitable, I made the decision to snap the shot in between the two bridges. The photos I shot are far different from what you could see with the human eye, but it is a clear example of the term “Shooting the Light”. During the set up I found the sounds coming from the traffic going over the bridge incredible . It sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. After setting up I used the camera’s built-in light meter to determine the settings I would use to snap the shot. The shot itself was a thirty-second exposure, with an aperture of F-28 and an iso setting of 200. I did in fact use a tripod for stabilization and here are the results.

Grand Island Bridge

On that note, I hope you enjoyed the post. and as always I look forward to your comments. In closing I hope you will take the time to view and  share the short film Silent Night Nothing’s Right once released. We have put a lot of time into this and it is our hope that you enjoy it as much as we did producing it. Until next time, Here is my wish for a safe and joyous holiday season. Once again thanks for reading.


Michael Sargent

M.Sargent Photography


3 thoughts on “Silent Night Nothing’s Right

  1. This Mr Sargent is why I come up with these crazy ideas and let you tell the masses. If I say it myself VERY WELL PUT. I just hope the people enjoy seeing the film as much as I have putting it all together.

  2. I can only hope that everyone is as moved by the project as I was. Thank you to Michael Sargent and John Wragg for letting my voice into the project and having the confidence to include me in your vision. I look forward to seeing your vision shared with the world and taking a great satisfaction in its anticipated success and impact on our viewers.

    • Kerri,
      Your involvement in this project has made it possible. It needs to be said and noted that without you this would not have worked. You,John and Myself have a lot to talk about. Please note that you are going to be a focal point of this project and if all goes to plan I think things are going to change for all of us. Very soon I will be doing a follow up blog regarding your contributions and talents used to make this happen. Thanks for walking into our lives. By doing so it was proof that we were destined to do this. Some one sent us an Angel.

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