The Honking Goose

A tremendous greeting to you, and welcome to my latest post. This week, I am going to write about a photo that for the most part is one that was shot while I was out trying to photograph bald eagles. Near my home in Western New York, is an area known as the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge. This area was chosen several years ago by New York State as a prime location for the restoration efforts for the bald eagle. For the record, based on what I have seen in the swamps, I would say that their efforts have proven successful, and although this shot is from quite a distance away, you can clearly tell that, this is a bald eagle.

Mature Bald Eagle

Although having seen the eagles flying about, I was never able to get a close up shot even when using a 500 mm zoom lens with a doubler attached. I did however on this day snap a shot that I was personally, very proud of. So let me to set the scene for you.  The area I was shooting in was off a main road, near one of the many scenic overlooks, in which motorists are able to view the migratory geese, as well as ducks, and blue herons. This overlook in particular was a nesting site for the bald eagles and my assumption was, If given the opportunity to capture one on film this would likely be the best location.

So as I wait for my chance, I had taken notice of several geese flying into the wetlands, and had decided that I would snap a few shots of them coming in. This decision proved to be a good one on my part, as this image was captured on a day meant for eagles.  What really made this shot appeal to me was the fact that the goose was  in flight and honking when he made his approach to the water. Photographing birds in flight

Goose in flight

requires a very fast shutter speed , and the combination I was using that day proved to be effective in capturing this shot. As normal my camera of choice was my  Canon, and I was using the Sigma 100 mm to 500 mm super zoom lens. My f-stop was set at 10 with an iso setting of 400. The focal range was 450 mm and my shutter speed was set at 1/1000 of a second. This goose was around 75 yards away from me when I snapped the shot off-hand, although I would highly recommend using a quality tripod , when shooting birds in flight because of the stabilization and control they offer

 I truly hope you enjoy the photos, and the writings regarding the shots contained within this post. Until next week I bid you farewell and I look forward to reading your comments.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Sargent

M.Sargent Photography


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