As always a tremendous greeting to you, and welcome to my latest post. Today I want to share with you what is probably my all time favorite photo, and it is not my favorite because of the picture itself, but more because of how it was shot.
Please allow me to lay this out for you. While out on a picture safari one afternoon, I found myself a little frustrated by the factors contributing to the shooting environment. The lighting wasn’t great, the wind was blowing and the animal activity was at a minimum. Not seeing much movement from my wildlife subjects, I made the decision to slap on a pair of water proof boots and go by foot into the brush and  swamp in an attempt to salvage the day. Now mind you, the area I was in was wetlands, and I had anticipated emerging from the swamps with a wet backside and a chill, but, I figured if I came out with a few shots, it would be worth my efforts. Several hours had passed and my frustration levels were starting to reach their boiling point, As I continued to push through the brushy wetlands, and still no photos. I had now arrived at the point were the decision was made to exit the swamp and scrap the idea of capturing anything today.

The Archangel Duck

So as I began making my way back to my truck, I started to fiddle with my camera, and had some thoughts about what to do with the rest of my day. Then this happened. I turned to look at the last pond before making my way out to the road when all of a sudden to my shock this duck sprung up right in front of me, and my instincts took over. I had the camera up, focused, and the shutter pressed in a split second. This series of events had turned what was a frustrating day into a I cant wait to see this shot moment. My only fear was the position of the sun when this photo was shot and how it would affect the shot. As you can see by the photo my worries were unfounded,© and this one shot made the whole day with all its frustrations worth it.  I like to call this photo the Archangel Duck, and I suppose the reason why I do so is because of the position of the ducks wings, and the fact that after the day I was having, the opportunity to take this shot was given to me by a power I can not understand.

So let me give the specs on this photo, I was shooting with a Nikon Camera ( Yes, you read this correctly and let me be clear, this is not a typo) with a 200 mm zoom lens. My ISO setting was 400, the f-stop was 10 and the shutter speed was 1/800 of a second. I have to mention also that I broke the rules of photography with this shot. The lighting was harsh as I mentioned earlier, and I was facing the light when I snapped the shutter. As indicated by the shot, you can see that I also had some cloud cover, and in combination with a fast shutter speed, it made this shot possible.
I want to thank you for reading this post, and I look forwarded to your reactions, and comments.
Respectfully submitted,

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