The Photo That Started It All.

Nick & Kate

A Tremendous greeting to you,  welcome to my first real post. As I stated in my opening post, this blog will be about photography and  the photo here today is the one that started my venture down the wedding photography road. Let me start off by saying that my work in the field of photography has always been geared towards outdoor scenic and wildlife. What started me down the wedding photography path, was a phone call. The subjects within this photo were caught in a bind as the photographer they had hired cancelled out. Needing someone to capture their day I was contacted. Having never shot a wedding before, I knew that this was undiscovered territory and they as I were taking a real chance. Making the decision to proceed forward, I applied what I knew about lower lighting photography to the environment we would be shooting in and I am happy to say that these clients were extremely pleased at how things worked out.

After shooting this wedding I began my edits as soon as I arrived home. I was excited to see how the shots turned out. This shot in particular was one that I was extremely fond of. After showing the photo to a few friends, family, and colleagues, the reaction I received was a little overwhelming. I knew it was a good shot, but I didn’t expect to receive the high compliments, ” This photo speaks to me” and my favorite, ” Michael you captured the entire wedding with this one shot. So let me tell you what this photo said to me. I saw two young people who were very much in love with each other, and what made that apparent to me was how naturally they came together when it was time to take this photo. Also to stress the point, there was no posing or interference on my part at all. My only interjection before I took this shot was please hold still for five seconds, and for Nick and Katie, it was easy. What this photo says to me was, a loving commitment on the part of two young people who were very motivated to start their lives together. In addition I feel I also captured  the  spirit of where these two had come from. They both had grown up around the Buffalo, NY area, and I feel this photo just says that. The shot was taken near Shea’s performing art center on a very cold January night. My camera was set to shoot a 5 second exposure, at an f-stop of 10 and i had the iso set at 400. The camera was a canon and the glass was a tamron lens.

To date this has been my favorite night shot, and the one I have received the most reaction to. As stated earlier, this one photo is what started me on the path of wedding and event photography. Weddings shoots are a ton of work and I have a new-found respect for what those who specialize in that field do. I have learned that doing weddings can be a challenge, but it is a challenge that I, as well as those who have hired me to shoot their weddings feel that I am up to. Thank you for reading the post, and I look forward to your comments, and questions.



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Hello world!

Hello world,

From humble beginnings, practicing photographer and student of light, Michael Sargent developed an interest in photography when he was a nine-year-old boy. With a five-dollar bill burning a whole in his pocket, he purchased an old Kodak Brownie camera from a neighborhood garage sale. From this point, Michael spent his spare time learning everything he could about photography, and his efforts have been noticed.

With several publishing credits, and photography awards under his belt, Michael feels that his greatest accomplishment has been the human reaction. When a client says, “That photo really tells a story”, or a joyful tear is shed, because his photography creates an emotional response, that is the true power and purpose of photography. This purpose is Michael’s motivation, and when stepping behind his camera, this is the reaction he strives to achieve.

Passionate about his photography, Michael invites you to step in front of his lens, and experience his passions for photography.


Michael S. Sargent